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Water purifiers

The water released by most of the Italian water mains is of good quality. Unfortunately, during its way along the pipes, it might occur that water gets in contact with polluting substances melted; water mains are therefore obliged to use huge quantities of chlorine to eliminate bacterial loads.

The types of systems we can install under the kitchen sink are two:
- Inverted osmosis purifiers
- Microfiltration

Inverted osmosis systems

Inverted osmosis systems are characterized by a half-permeable osmotic membrane which acts selectively by holding every impurity present in water and releasing only pure water. In this way, the elimination and the reduction of possible chlorine, sodium, pesticide, chemical polluting substances, bacteria and virus present in water is ensured. Osmosis systems are of 2 types: with storage tank and with direct production.

Systems with storage tank use the network pressure to produce osmotic water. The production amounts at 5 lt/h, therefore a storage tank is necessary to have a good quantity of water produced. Models with storage tank are equipped with a sterilizing UV rays lamp as provided by the Law dm443/1990. Instead, systems with direct production are equipped with a pump that forces the osmotic process and produces up to 70 lt/h of osmotic water. In this way, there is no water storage. Systems may be equipped with a micro computer monitoring automatically the cleaning of the membrane during periods of stop. This computer allows to have an excellent production with a quantity of drained water that is considerably lower compared to normal osmosis systems. The microcomputer also indicates when it is time to replace cartridges.

We install the UV rays sterilizer also on models with direct production even if not provided by law.

All our osmosis systems are equipped with a salt regulator to set the right amount of salts necessary to our body. We supply the systems complete with installation kit and detailed handbook in Italian.

Microfiltration systems

With no doubt, microfiltration systems have smaller dimensions and different characteristics.

They act by means of an activated carbons and ions filter in silver (Everpure filter), which is a carbon water filter with submicronic filtering power. However, this filter does not eliminate the salts present in water. It can be used where water is of good quality and no water softener applied to the home system is present.

It eliminates odors, tastes, chlorine and possible bacteria loads. The system consists of a prefilter for gross sediments, the Everpure filter and an UV rays sterilizing lamp.

All our filtration systems are good systems. The type of filter must be defined depending on the area of residence and the corresponding quality of water.

The most important thing, however, is to carry out a proper system maintenance which consists in replacing periodically the filters with the scheduling indicated in the corresponding handbooks and indicated also by the flowmeters which are present in all our systems as provided by the DM 443/1990.

All our systems are Made in Italy.