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Water refrigerators

Water refrigerators are systems which allow to produce cool water (still or sparkling) as well as cool water at room temperature through direct cooling systems or ice floe.


There are different models that fit properly to your needs. The range includes the smallest systems NIVES for domestic use which are installed above or under the kitchen sink with a 3-ways faucet and integrated filter. The range also includes models for bars and restaurants JET and NIAGARA, which offer the production of large amounts of water (up to 180 lt/h) as well as models for offices, RIO and CONNECT, even with production of hot water up to 90°C. For workshops, we find systems producing only cool water, RIVER.

All models can be equipped with filtration systems. The recommended filtration is microfiltration or, in some specific cases, osmosis but only for systems with direct production (models with storage do not produce enough water to supply also refrigerators).

The under sink models come equipped with different kinds of three-way taps, from those that are simple and low-cost with 3 levers, to the G68  pedestal model, the Spina model with 2 and 3-way taps, or groups of of kitchen mixers which, in addition to warm and cold water, also feature 3-way taps for the refrigerator.
The installation is very easy because all systems are supplied with the complete installation kit and handbook in Italian.

All our systems are Made in Italy.  

Refrigeratore acqua sopralavello Nives

Refrigerator Nives - on the sink>