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Pools with paneling system in steel I.Blue

Some years ago, a new brand entered the world of pools with paneling system in steel thereby widening the existing offer: the I.Blue Piscine. The I.Blue Piscine is a brand belonging to the division of the A&T Europe SpA (the company including the brands Pool’s, Myrtha and Castiglione Piscine). This brand stands out for the continuous development of cutting-edge technical solutions in addition to exclusive proposals dedicated to the worldwide market of pools.

In particular, the pools I.Blue are realized with prefab panels in steel featuring a high thickness reinforced through longitudinal ribs which considerably increase their resistance compared to similar products with smooth walls. The resistance of a I.Blue panel is equal to a wall in reinforced concrete of 45 cm. Panels are realized in high-quality steel covered with a thick zinc-based protective layer, which ensures an absolute resistance against corrosion.
The inner side of the panel, the one that comes in contact with water, before the PVC covering receives a further layer in a special material resistant to water pressure, which makes the ribbed surface smooth. This is necessary in order to achieve a perfect aesthetic result.  If not finished as above depicted, the inner side would present the same ribs as the panel.
The producer provides a guarantee of 20 years on this type of panel.
In addition to its considerable resistance, the steel panel is also very easy to handle.   The times of installation of this type of structure are considerably shorter compared to those necessary for the installation of a traditional pool in reinforced concrete.

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A panel Twin-Pro completes the offer.

This panel is entirely covered on both surfaces (the inner and the outer surface of the pool) with an additional protective film in PVC ensuring an unlimited duration over the time.  To this regard, a test in salt water fog was carried out over a period of 500 hours which demonstrated how with this surface is practically resistant to external agents.
Therefore, this kind of panel is therefore covered by a GUARANTEE of 30 YEARS provided directly by the producer.

The thickness of the steel panel is of 1.5 mm to which, in this specific case, other 0.5 mm of final layer have to be added.

These structures are all earthquake and water proof structures.  The modularity of the panels allows to realize pools of every shapes and dimensions.   The pool is completed by a covering in reinforced PVC of 1.5 mm thickness which is heat-sealed during the installation; it is available in different colors or with patterns representing a mosaic finishing.
Furthermore, pools can be customized with edges in reconstructed stones, wooden floorings, LED lighting, robotic pool cleaners, swimming machines, steps (both internal and external steps), showers for outdoor and much more!