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Robotic pool cleaner for the pool bottom and walls, model Pulit Advance 5 by Fluidra/Astral Pool.

Brush in PVA for every type of surface.

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Cleaning cycles of 1.5 and 2 hours for the cleaning of the bottom, walls and water line - Cable of 18 mt. for pools up to 10/12 mt length.

spazzole in PVA        Gyroscopio       accesso dall'alto      Filtro tridimensionale   indicatore led filtro pieno      bocchette regolabili

1) Brushes in PVA with vibrating movement suitable to all types of surfaces, PVC, ceramic, tiles, resin....

2) Gyroscope: smart navigation system ensuring a perfect cleaning in one single cycle.

3) Top opening to reach the filters which allows for an easy cleaning without getting your hands dirty.

4) Three-dimensional filter of 20 microns thanks to a 3D fabric which allows for a 4-times more effective cleaning compared to traditional sacks.

5) LED indicator when the filter is full.

6) Adjustable nozzles for a perfect suction depending on the filth that has to be sucked (if you have to suction sand, nozzles shall be lowered in order to suck all particles). Unique and patented technology.

Warranty 2 years.

With Caddy base mount

Delivered in 2/3 days from the order.


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Cycle duration
2,5 h
Cable lenght
Filtration power
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