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  • Alkorplan

    Renolit is a renowned German producer of reinforced PVC membranes used for the coating of pools and other elements. The brand offers a wide range of colors and patterns. It is producer of a patented formula for the protective paint applied to the cloth and in the last two years the brand has developed a cloth called  TOUCH with thickness 2 mm, which adjust to the shapes and the colors of the stones. Perfect for restorations and in all situations where "that special touch" is expected for the pool. Renolit quality and an outstanding finishing.

  • Arkema Design

    Giancarlo Rusconi is an entrepreneur very attentive to the market's needs. In 1988, he realized the first shower with solar heating ever. An outstanding product which is still on the market, despite its "age", and from which many other shower models, a concentration of twenty years of experience, took inspiration. The new range of products features an innovative design and is realized with sophisticated technologies which make this article impossible to copy. Arkema has rapidly conquered the international market and boasts customers throughout the world, from New Zealand to the Americas.
    The company also produced pieces of furniture for indoor and outdoor settings, both with the own brand and in private label. The strength of Arkema is the production with is entirely self-made thanks to the cutting edge technologies available in its premises. Made in Italy and design are feather in the cap of this brand.

  • Astral Pool - Fluidra

    Once Astralpool, then acquired by the Fluidra group, which is one of the biggest distributors of pool materials. The brand offers a wide range of products and accessories for the pool.

  • Cosmetal

    Leading manufacturer in the sector of water coolers for domestic use, industrial use and food service or catering. Its sparkling water coolers are perfect for homes, offices or restaurants. Cutting-edge machines, possibility of electronic control, direct cooling system with ice bench and different types of filtration systems that can be combined to the different kinds of machines.

  • DAB

    Founded in 1975 in the region of Veneto, DAB PUMPS S.p.A. has become international brand of reference over the years for water handling. Its core business covers the design, the production and the sale of hydraulic electric pumps able to satisfy every need for every kind of home and professional appliance. With over 2 million pieces produced per year, electric pumps by DAB PUMPS have become synonym with high technology and reliability. The particular attention paid on materials and homologation procedures every line undergoes before its release, allows DAB PUMPS to ensure the highest degree of resistance and the highest performances of its products at the same time.

  • Dlw

    Leading producer at world level of flooring and resilient and sports coating as well as covering for pools and small lakes. It belongs to an American group that has over 10,000 employees around the world. Furthermore, one of its production seats is in Europe, near Stuttgart. The covering for pools by DLW Delifol is characterized by an inner "weft" of very resistant yarns which is very difficult to tear up. It can be laid on every surface: cement, steel, felt, etc... It has a thickness of 1.5 mm and can be fitted with non-slip material (NGP) with a special pyramid structure. Perfect for both private and public pools, with over 200,000 pools realized between public and private pools, is a product that sums up 40 years of experience.

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  • Dolphin

    Leading manufacturer at world level of robots for the pool cleaning. This Israeli company, Maytronics, which is the owner of the brand Dolphin, produces cleaners able to satisfy all needs of those having a pool, regardless if it is public or private. These cleaners can clean only the bottom, bottom and walls, pools with free or rectangular shape.

  • Emec

    Emec is leading company in the sector of analysis and dosing of chemical products and boasts an experience of over 30 years in the field. It is supplier to water mains, large industries and also distributors of materials for pools. Cutting-edge systems, possibility to control all parameters and functions of the units also with remote system through a GSM board installed, or through internet connection by cable. The approach of the company is focused on research and development; the control ensured on the entire supply chain from the production of mechanical components to the final shipment, allow for a product which is designed, manufactured and shipped by the same company.
    For the highest quality and reliability over the time, also in terms of after sales and service.

  • Flag

    The company was founded in 1963 and since 1970 has been specializing in coverings and waterproofing of tunnels and foundations. The company became protagonist in the Italian market in the field of production and sale in the pool sector very shortly. Since 1990, the brand has been widening its network: 5 branches in different European countries were opened up to 2007, year when the group was joined by the French Soprema. Today, we find 4 lines dedicated to the production of patterned or plain color PVC, to ensure the highest flexibility towards the customers' demands.

Showing 1 - 12 of 41 items