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Pool water treatment

The pool water has to comply with some very important parameters which have to be strictly controlled in order to enjoy a crystal clear water free of bacteria and ready for the bath.

Chemical products for the pool

For those Customers who buy our line of products for the pool we also provide a customized technical sheet with the indications on the treatments necessary at spring opening, at winter closing in addition to the weekly treatments to be performed when the pool is opened. These sheets also include the dosing of the products already calculated according to both dimensions and location.

The most important value to be controlled is pH, which shall be within 7 and 7.4. This value conveys the proper level of acidity to water and with the right pH values, chlorine performs the highest disinfecting action. The level of pH reduces with the "pH Reducer" and increases with the "pH Checker Plus".

Chemical products for pool

Chemical products for pool>

With the right pH value, chlorine can be maintained at 1 mg/l using big tablets of "Trichlorine" of 200 gr.. For urgent services, and shock treatments at the opening and closing of the pool, the right product is the "Rapid Chlorine" available in tablets of 20 gr.

The values of water can be measured with the kit for testing chlorine/pH using "DPD1" and "PHENOL RED" tablets, or using our "Digital Watercheck" which provides the values on a display thereby simplifying the reading

Aquacheck for pool


For those preferring the use of Active Oxygen there is also a kit for the analysis of oxygen with "DPD4". The use of  active oxygen allows to use a very small quantity of chlorine, to have a crystal clear water free of odor of chlorine and with as pH which is very easy to check. In fact, oxygen pH is very low, therefore the pH reducer will be used very little.

Other recommended products to use in order to have a perfect pool water are the Anti-seaweeds which, in addition to having an algaecide action, is also an excellent antibacterial and fungicide agent, for the total protection of those taking a bath.

Instead, for those having a sand filter, the use of "Flocculant" is recommended which enhances the filtering property of sand.

When it will be time to replace the sand of the filter, we recommend to use "Zelbrite", a kind of sand of volcanic origin which has higher filtering properties than traditional quartz sand; in fact, quartz sand filters between 15 and 20 microns while "Zelbrite" reaches 1 micron. Thanks to this outstanding last type of sand, the use of "Flocculant" can be avoided, with a consequent reduction in the use of the anti-seaweeds.

With a weekly service to the pool and following the advices here above, all we can do is wishing you a PLEASANT BATH!

Active Oxygen

Active Oxygen>