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Electronic water conditioners

Salts of calcium and magnesium, due to temperature variations,  thermal variations, precipitate and give life to deposits of limescale.

The electronic water conditioners SOFTI and X-STEEL are designed to be used in residential buildings where the hardness of carbonate calcium does not have to exceed 35 degrees.

Thanks to special electronic pulses, the crystal structure of salts of calcium and magnesium is modified, thereby preventing its aggregation. Deposits are then limited to a dust which can be easily removed by means of a wet sponge, without having to use aggressive anti-limescale agents.

Water is not chemically modified and preserves its original features. So, it can be used to irrigate plants, to prepare food and to drink (possibly using a simple microfiltration system to eliminate chlorine, odors and tastes).

Water conditioners SOFTI

Water conditioners SOFTI>

The Softi model includes a filter that is, instead, put before the device in the X-Steel model. This filter removes suspended particles, thereby ensuring a long life of the entire home plant design.  

It is also possible to install a measuring equipment for polyphosphates dedicated to the washing machine, and another one dedicated to the hot water heater, to obtain even better results.  

- prevent the formation of limescale deposits;
- remove existing deposits over the time;
- eliminate sand and suspended particles;
- work without the supplement of salts or chemical additives;
- do not modify the characteristics of water;
- need no maintenance;
- allow to considerably save energy;
- limited dimensions allow their installation also where other kinds of systems are not possible;
- very low energy consumption.

All devices marketed by our company are Made in Italy.

Electronic water conditioners for pool

X-Steel model>