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Pool coating

The pool Coating may be realized in different ways:  REINFORCED PVC welded in work processes, pre-formed LINER or CERAMICS, for example mosaic, tiles or even STONEWARE tiles.

The Coating in reinforced PVC is one of the most used solutions in these last years. It is recommended for outdoor pools, above all where temperature may decrease below zero degrees. Compared to ceramics, in fact, PVC resists to bitter cold. In addition to this, it ensures a total hydraulic tightness also when the tub structure is compromised by microfractures or slots.

The coating is available in different plain colors or also as mosaic; in case of ladders, the coating comes with non-slip material to prevent slipping. It has a thickness of 1.5 mm and is welded directly in work processes, so that it adjusts perfectly to the shapes of the pool, regardless of their being regular or irregular. 

Coating in reinforced PVC


Pre-formed Liner

Another possibility is offered by the pre-formed LINER, with thickness 0.75 mm. Here, the cloth is supplied already formed directly by the producer, you must simply install it inside the pool. What is very important in this case is that measures takes are exact, since LINER cannot be adapted no more once welded. 

Pre-formed Liner

Pre-formed Liner>


CERAMIC coating or STONEWORK are recommended for indoor pools or where temperatures are not very cold.   These kinds of coating need a very accurate internal tub waterproofing in order to prevent possible water leakage. Available in different colors and dimensions.


Ceramic coating>