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Pool edging and floorings

Pool edging

We can offer different possibilities for your pool edging.

The most common one is the pool edging in artificial stones. It can be fitted with or without spacing.

Available in different colors and already formed with the bullnose towards the inner side of the pool to avoid that, during the washing of the external flooring, leaves, blades of grass or other elements might fall into the pool.

There is also the possibility to have pool edging in more precious materials like STONEWARE, marble or wood.

STONEWARE is also available in different shapes and sizes to meet every requirements.

Wood, normally teak or ipe, is available in large layers or in practical tiles fitted to plastic material with snap-fit assembling.

Pool edging

Stone grid for infinity edge>



As far as the different and possible kinds of floorings is concerned, a wide range is available which includes artificial simple and cheap tiles available in different colors and shapes that perfectly match with the classic pool edging.  

As an alternative, STONEWARE floorings are also possible, which are very resistant, non-slip, stain-resistant and are available in different colors, shapes and dimensions.

Very recommended for high-end finishing and special settings.

The partnership with a company from the sector allows us to offer also wooden floorings in teak, ipe or in wood combined with plastic materials. Wood is recommended for terraces, sunroofs or areas with jacuzzis.

Minimized maintenance (a treatment with specific oils once a year is enough) in addition to a long-lasting guarantee turns this product into high-end product.  

Pool Floorings

Wooden floorings>