The contract agreed upon between VANNINI AQUA&POOL and the Customer has to be considered as settled through the acceptance (also preliminary) of the order by VANNINI AQUA&POOL. Unless otherwise communicated to the Customer, such acknowledgment is implied. By placing an order according to the different procedures possible, the Customer declares to have read all indications provided during the ordering procedure, and to accept entirely the general conditions and terms of payment here under.
Once ended the online ordering procedure, the Customer  shall print or save an electronic copy and preserve these general terms and conditions pursuant to articles 3 and 4 of the L.D. 185/1999 on remote retail sales. Any Customer's right to compensation as well as any other contractual or extra contractual liability is herewith excluded for direct or indirect damages to persons and/or goods caused by the failing acceptance (also preliminary) of an order.


The Customer can buy the products listed online at the web address www.vanniniaquaepool.it, according to the corresponding technical sheets. We advise you that the image supplied with the technical sheet of a product might not be the exact depiction of its features. The positive reception of the order is confirmed by VANNINI AQUA&POOL snc through an e--mail of confirmation sent to the e-mail address provided by the Customer. In addition to the order number which the Customer shall always use in any other notice to VANNINI AQUA&POOL, this confirmation message will also include all data entered by the Customer who shall check their accuracy and/or inform immediate about possible corrections.


The products sold on VANNINI AQUA&POOL  are covered by a minimum warranty of 24 months starting from the invoicing date, on condition that the customer is an end user with the role of "consumer" as stated in Article 1519 bis Civ.Code ("consumer:  an individual who acts or purposes unrelated to his/her entrepreneurial or professional activity eventually performed"). In all other cases, products are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. The manufacturer's standard warranty is provided according to the procedures explained in the documents supplied with the product.
The warranty of 24 months according to the L.D. 24/02 is applied to a product which presents a non-conformity, provided that the product is properly used with reference to its final use and according to what indicated in the attached technical documents. The company rejects any liability related to direct and indirect damages caused by an inappropriate use of the product by the end user. In case the goods result to be faulty or not complying, the purchaser shall send a notice through written registered letter to VANNINI within working 14 days from the reception of the goods. Such notice shall be anticipated also through fax or e-mail to the address service@vanniniaquaepool.it by filling out the dedicated form; in any case the confirmation through the registered letter within 48 hours is always requested.

Shipping and returns policy: In case the product turns out to be faulty or not complying within the warranty period indicated on the specifications of every single item, the Customer has to return the goods  free port to VANNINI AQUA&POOL, which will repair and ship back to the Customer free of charge. Following the intervention of our customer care team, should it result that the fault turn is not a non-compliance fault according to L.D. 24/02, the Customer shall be charged with possible cost of checking and repairing as well as the shipment costs paid by VANNINI AQUA&POOL.
In order to claim your warranty you shall send the product properly packed for the transport to the address that will be indicated after having requested the return authorization to the e-mail address service@vanniniaquaepool.it or per fac to the number +39 051 9711035 within 10 days before the expiry date of the warranty.


The following payment options are possible:
Cash on delivery: available with additional charge of €12.00 on the shipping costs and for a maximum order value of €150.00
Advanced bank transfer, postal order, credit card or Paypal: the payment shall be issued only after having received the mail with the order acceptance including the details to issue the bank transfer. The goods ordered by the Customer will remain on stock up to the reception of a proof of issued payment (transaction code or copy of the bank giro slip), which shall be sent to VANNINI AQUA&POOL per fax or e-mail within and not later than 3 working days from the date of order acceptance. The transaction code allows us to reduce the time dedicated to the payment check and to speed up the shipping out and/or delivering of the purchased goods. The shipment of what ordered will be organized only after the real deposit of the amount on the checking account of VANNINI AQUA&POOL which shall be done within 3 working days from the date of order acceptance.  
As far as the payment through credit cards or Paypal is concerned, waiting periods for the checking of the real deposit are shorter, therefore the shipment of the goods will be faster. In case of overrunning ot these deadlines, the order shall be considered automatically cancelled.
Important note:  the reason of the bank transfer or of the postal order shall indicate the order number, the date of the order, name and surname of the purchaser.

Prices, procedures and delivery costs

The prices of the products have to be intended VAT included. Shipment costs are at the expense of the purchaser and are indicated in the final recap of the order as far as shipments in Italy are concerned. As far as shipments to foreign countries are concerned, it is necessary to ask our offices for a quote of the transport costs.
The transport of the purchased products is entrusted to express or standard couriers which have a subscription with VANNINI AQUA&POOL snc. Delivery times may vary according to the geographic position in Italy and is normally included between 48 and 72 hours. The transport cost is calculated according to the relation weight/volume of the packaging necessary for the delivery. No liability can be ascribed to VANNINI AQUA&POOL in case of delay in the order execution or in the delivery of what purchased. Unless otherwise specified by our Customer Care Team, the delivery is intended to take place at ground floor.
At the moment of the delivery of the goods by the courier, the Customer shall check that:

  • the number of the delivered packages corresponds to what indicated in the note of delivery;
  • the packaging is intact and undamaged, not wet or not altered also as far as closing materials are concerned (adhesive tape or metal straps).

Possible damages to the packaging and/or the products or a not conformity between the number of packages and that indicated on the note of delivery shall be immediately notified by writing  goods unchecked on the delivery note of the courier, by indicating the non-conformity (damaged packaging, wet packaging, number of packages wrong,...). To speed up these procedures it is recommended to take pictures of the damage that shall be then attached to the request. Once signed the document of the courier, the Customer cannot present any objection about the external characteristics of what delivered. Possible problems related to the physical integrity, the conformity or the completeness of the products received shall be notified within 7 days from the delivery. Possible delays in the deliveries do not entitle the purchaser to claim for refunds or order cancellation. The delivery terms, even if regularly confirmed, shall be delayed due to accidental cases or to force majeure (strikes, lockouts, calamities, etc..) which are independent from the will of VANNINI AQUA&POOL. In case of missed collection of the goods stored in the warehouses of the courier due to repeated impossibility to deliver at the address indicated by the Customer on the order form, the order shall be considered automatically cancelled.

Claims and Right of withdrawal

Possible claims shall be forwarded to the e-mail address info@vanniniaquaepool.it  paying attention to indicate all references of the order.
Right of withdrawal: if the Customer is a consumer (i.e. a physical person that purchases the goods for purposed not related to his/her professional activity which means that he/she does not indicate in the order submitted to VANNINI AQUA&POOL a VAT number), he/she has the right to withdraw from the purchasing contract for any reason without needing to provide explanations or pay penalties, except for what indicated in the following paragraphs.

In order to exert this right, the Customer shall send to VANNINI AQUA&POOL a notice within 14 working days from the date of reception of the goods. This notice shall be sent through registered letter to VANNINI AQUA&POOL snc di Laura Vannini e Massimo Fava Via Ippolito Nievo 4/2 40069 Riale di Zola Predosa (Bologna) or through telegram, fax or e-mail to service@vanniniaquaepool.it; also these notices shall be sent within 14 working days and shall be followed by a confirmation through registered letter sent MANDATORILY within the following 48 hours. Once received the above mentioned withdrawal notice we will indicate the customer how to return the goods that shall be delivered to VANNINI AQUA&POOL within 10 working days from the authorization.
The right of withdrawal is submitted to the following conditions:

  • The right of withdrawal is in any case subject to the following conditions:the withdrawal right is applied to the product purchased in its entirely; it is not possible to exert the right just on a part of the product;
  • the right FINDS NO APPLICATION in case of tailored-made products, products realized on specific technical requests of the Customer, clearly customized products or products that by nature cannot be returned due to the risk of decay and rapid alteration;
  • the goods purchased shall be intact and returned in its original packaging, complete in all its parts included packaging and possible documents and optional equipments, handbooks, etc....;
  • according to law, shipment costs related to the return of the goods are at the Customer's expense;
  • the shipment up to the confirmation of reception in our warehouse is under complete liability of the Customer;
  • the package shall carry the number of return provided by VANNINI AQUA&POOL clearly;

In order to exert this right, the Customer shall send to VANNINI AQUA&POOL a notice in this sense within working 14 days from the date of goods reception. This notice shall be sent through registered letter to:  VANNINI AQUA&POOL snc di Laura Vannini e Massimo Fava Via Ippolito Nievo 4/2 40069 Riale di Zola Predosa (Bologna).

The products object of the return shall not have been used and shall be returned in the same conditions as they were at the delivery. It is to be noted that in no case returns cash on delivery or freight collect will be accepted. The only costs owed by the purchaser for exerting the withdrawal right are those of direct return and first shipment of the goods. The withdrawal right is ruled by the L.D. 206/2005.

Procedures of refund of the corresponding amount: once received the goods and checked out their conditions after transit, within 10 (ten) days from the notice in which the Customer expressed his/her will to exert his/her withdrawal right we will refund the amount through bank transfer which will be issued in the shortest period possible, in any case within 30 days from the reception of the withdrawal notice. The amount that will be credited refers exclusively to the price paid net of the shipment costs paid by the Costumer for the return of the products to VANNINI AQUA&POOL.
The withdrawal right is fully invalidated for lack of the substantial condition of goods compliance (package and/or its content), in those cases when VANNINI AQUA&POOL should verify that:

  • the original outer package and/or the original inner packaging is missing;
  • elements part of the product are missing (optional parts, cables, handbooks, other components, ...);
  • the product results damaged for causes different from its transit;

In case of invalidation of the withdrawal right, VANNINI AQUA&POOL  shall return the goods to the sender thereby charging him/her the shipment costs.