The services offered by Vannini Aqua & Pool cover the realization of pools in the city of Bologna, as well as the sale of pool in the city of Modena.

The company is a leading name in the segment of inground and above ground pools, robotic pool cleaners, steam baths, whirlpool tubs, outdoor furniture, filtration system for domestic use and refrigerators.
The customer service is ensured in the provinces of Bologna and Modena.  

We can supply the bespoke pool of your dream; in fact, we collaborate with a building contractor, professional technicians and an electrician. This collaboration allows us to support the building site carefully and to limit the duration of execution.

If you already know a building contractor, we can collaborate directly with this firm providing technical drawings for the positioning of the components, in addition to useful hints how to carry out inner finishing of the tub in order to avoid problems during the assembling of the coating.

Our experience allows us to realize tailored-made technical rooms. In fact, in addition to the supply of underground rooms in fiberglass, we can realize a dedicated technical room for your pool. This can be realized inside a wooden small house which comes near the pool, or also as underground stonework room.

The advantages of the "tailored-made" room are different: first, the possibility even later to increase the system (for example by adding an instrumental control, a heat pump, ..). Second, it is of easy access (which is very important for the weekly operations of filter cleaning). Finally, it can be used as "storage closet" for sun beds or toys which you use in your pool, like a "product storage room".

For your pool, we can supply the following services:

  • Spring opening: removal and cleaning of the covering cloth, assembling and reactivation of the filtration system, analysis and initial treatment of the pool water with corresponding certificate and cleaning of the pool.
  • Winter closing: pool cleaning, analysis and winter treatment of the pool water with corresponding certificate, pool covering, disassembling and cleaning of the system.

  • Periodical controls: we carry out interventions upon request or there is also the possibility to sign up for scheduled subscriptions according to your needs (ex.: weekly controls, controls every two weeks or every month).

The control includes: analysis of the water and restoration of the correct values with corresponding certificate. Cleaning of the pool, of the pump and of the filter.

Control and tools setting, if present.

The issue of the certificate allows us to control the "state of health" of the pool water and, through the chemical-physical analysis, we can also determine the salt load and the "ageing".

This allows us monitor when it is time to replace entirely or partially the pool water.

  • Phone assistance:  we are available for supporting you during your online purchases and to advice about the correct pool maintenance.

  • Pump repair service: thanks to our spare parts warehouse, we can repair the pumps included in our catalog and most of the pumps available on the market.

  • LAGHETTO spare parts: we have always most of the spare parts for the Laghetto's pool in our warehouse.

  • Repair of robotic cleaners: we can repair all models of dolphin-maytronics cleaners. Furthermore, we can provide a replacement robotic cleaner in case the stop of your robot should prolong.

  • Water treatment - Refrigerators:  we can supply services of maintenance and repairing. Spare parts for COSMETAL refrigerators are always available in our warehouse.

Our approach concerning the machines we follow directly includes the sanification of the hydraulic circuit. This operation consists in letting a disinfectant solution within the hydraulic circuit. This procedure, combined with a correct and timely replacement of the filters eliminates the risks of bacteria proliferation inside the refrigerator.

Also for what concerns refrigerators, we can offer service  contracts on subscriptions with different scheduling according to the use of your system. All our filtration systems are equipped with flowmeters and non-return valve (ex. 1 intervention / year; 2 interventions a year, etc..). Or, simply upon request.

In addition to this, we also supply all spare parts for the filtration systems present in our store.

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