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  • Aquaflap

    Pair of Aquaflap for Aqua-Gym. This is an exclusive tool which allows to reproduce into the pool water the same cyclical movement of the lower limbs. This movement recalls the pedaling and, partially, the going upstairs.

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  • City Gas 420 G by Outdoorchef is the smallest from the range of spherical grills. Compact design, reduced dimensions, this grill can be easily transported and is perfect for small spaces. Can be used on every pre-assembled surface; equipped with a comfortable tripod to place it on the ground and bring the hob at a comfortable height of cm 75.

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  • The Nuovo Ascona 570 Classic Line by Outdoorchef presents a very adjustable height of the ball as well as the height of the supports, in order to adapt the work surfaces and hob to the support surface. The stucture is more stable and the use of the tools is optimized. Modern design with optimized X structure like the wheels which are adjusted to every...

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items