Floating Pomodone

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Floating Pomodone
  • Floating Pomodone
  • Floating Pomodone
  • Floating Pomodone
  • Floating Pomodone

Say goodbye to all air bed that perforate and break!
The floating Pomodone is the new way of being inside and oustide the water to sunbathing in total relaxation.

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This big pillow is realized in waterproof fabric, in 16 very modern colors in an innovative highly resistant 100% polyester fiber (NEMO), plain color with an outstanding resistance against UV rays. Waterproof treatment, vinyl coating which makes it 100% waterproof and stainproof. 
New filling in polystyrene in homogeneous microspheres suitable to floating.
Exclusively Made in Italy.

In addition to this, invisible hinge for the filling in, double perimetral sewing which makes it indestructible and 4 comfortable eyelet in steel applied on the borders for both transport and storage.

Dimensions cm. 175 x 135
Weight  kg. 7

Delivery  7 working days from the order 

Can be customized for advertising purposes.


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