Pool in steel panels IBlue - Camelia

I.Blue Piscine

Pool in steel panels IBlue - Camelia
Pool in steel panels IBlue - Camelia
Pool in steel panels IBlue - Camelia
Pool in steel panels IBlue - Camelia
Pool in steel panels IBlue - Camelia
Pool in steel panels IBlue - Camelia
Pool in steel panels IBlue - Camelia
Pool in steel panels IBlue - Camelia
Pool in steel panels IBlue - Camelia
Pool in steel panels IBlue - Camelia
Pool in steel panels IBlue - Camelia

I.Blue Piscine

The pool in steel panels IBlue Camelia, free rounded shape, is available in different sizes in terms of both height and depth. Furthermore, it is available in two different realizations “Ambience” and “Twin Pro”.

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The Pools in stainless steel IBlue belong to the division of the A&T Europe SpA (company which includes the brands Pool’s, Myrtha and Castiglione Piscine). The brand proposes cutting-edge solutions and unique products at world level in the field of pools. Through her free rounded shape, the pool Camelia features all these technical characteristics. 

Available in two different realizations:

-"Ambience" - Panel in prefab zinc-coated steel with high thickness and longitudinal ribs. This increases the product resistance considerably (equal to a wall in reinforced concrete of 45 cm). The panel is in high-quality steel covered with a thick protective zinc-based layer ensuring an absolute resistance against corrosion. Modular and anti-seismic structure. 


-"Twin Pro" - In this case, the panel in first prefab then zinc-coated panel has the same mechanical characteristics (equal to a wall in reinforced concrete of 45 cm),  however is further protected. In fact, it features a protection in PVC of 70 micron of thickness for each side of the panel. This kind of coating ensures a well-rounded protection against chemical aggressions from the elements present into the ground. This structure is widely used in installations near the sea, beaches, houses near the sea, etc.... Tests in salty fog were carried out which simulated 100 years of presence in a very aggressive environment. Results were extremely satisfying. The coating in PVC applied only bleached however blocked aggressions on the underlying face.

Heights available are 1.20/1.40/1.50 m. Heights are to be intended like those of the steel panel. The level of water (depending on the type of skimmer - infinity or traditional skimmer) shall be considered from around 7.5 to 15 cm lower. As far as the infinity edge is concerned, the height will be that of the panel. 
Instead, different sizes are available.

The pool kit includes:

· Structure in steel consisting of self-standing ribbed panels in structural steel with hot-dip galvanizing.

· Posts, bolts and all accessories for the assembly of the Skimmer, nozzles, bottom socket, mud-suction socket, pipes in flexible PVC, hydraulic connections in PVC. Under flexible and rigid pipes with corresponding connections it has to be intended for a distance of the technical room from the pool edge of max 5 meters.

· Filtration system complete of self-priming pump, sand filter (with filtering material that can be sand, glass or zelbrite) with 6-way valve, switchboard. Installed into a fiberglass basket, installed into a basket in polyethylene or realized during the installation beside the pool.

· Ladder in stainless steel, mud-suction device, net, brush, analysis kit.

· Maintenance handbook and guarantee certificates.


Upon request, the following can be added:

· Coating in reinforced PVC 150 mm set up during the installation or pre-welded Liner 75/100.

· Edge in reconstructed natural stone.

· LED headlights (available also with control units with changing-color device according to both music and pre-set programs).

· Summer, winter covering, roll-up coverings and safety coverings.

· Internal or external steps.

· Whirlpool units or swimming machine.

· Robotic pool cleaner.

· Solar shower or warm-cold water.

· Analysis systems and automatic dosing systems (remote control is also possible).


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