Shark Vac Hayward

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Shark Vac Hayward
  • Shark Vac Hayward

SharkVac, robotic pool cleaner for pools 2016.

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SharkVac, robotic pool cleaner for pools. 

SharkVac is a robotic pool cleaner for residential pools. This cleaner has a very intuitive design "Direct Drive", which is also user-friendly since fully automated.
It is equipped with the patented technology "Quick Clean", and cleans the surface more rapidly.
Electronic Self-Diagnostics and Overload protection.
The ordinary service operations get easier:
- access to the filter panels from the upper side of cover
- unique system of rolls removal for a quick replacement of the brushes

With self-floating cable of 15 m length, complete with ergonomic carriage.
The brushes are in PVC plates.
System of rapid replacement of the rolls.
The kit includes two reinforced filter cartridges, which are easy to remove, to clean and to install.
Access to the unit by opening the upper door of the cover.

SharkVac cleans only the bottom of the pool. The perfect cleaning is ensured by the use of a ASCL® control logic microprocessor, that calculates the size and shape of the pool together with the patended technology Quick Clean, which allows a more rapid cleaning of the surface.  

Furthermore, SharkVac is equipped with a filter panel easy to remove from above, very practical to clean and to Mount again. The exclusive system of rolls release allows a quick replacement of the brushes in PVC plates. The energy-saving program allows to clean the pool more rapidly while keeping consumptions low.  

Guarantee 2 years.

Technical features of the SharkVac:

  • Cleaning area: only the pool bottom
  • Self-floating cable: 15 m
  • Energy-saving program : 2h
  • Intake power: 17 m³/h
  • Filtration power: 5μ
  • Cleaning surface: 5m²/min.
  • Motion speed: 16.76 m/min.
  • Power: 220 V 50-60 Hz

Accessories included:

  • Ergonomic carriage
  • Self-floating cable 15 m

Data sheet

Cycle duration
2 h
Cable lenght
15 m
15 Kg
Intake power
17 m3/h
Filtration power
Cartucce ultra fini
Motion speed
15 m/min
Senza telecomando (solo trasformatore)
Struttura Interna
Fondo pari
Tipo di Rivestimento

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