copy of Hot Ball Solar hybrid Collector for Showers and Sanitary Water

Solar hybrid collector Hot Ball for showers and sanitary water by Arkema Design in HD polyethylene.

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Solar hybrid collector Hot Ball for showers and sanitary water with body in HD polyethylene and innovative design.

Design and production Made in Italy by Arkema Design.

Features :

  • Tank capacity 40
  • Available in 3 different colours: blue, green, charcoal grey
  • Dimensions H (height) 45 cm - Ø (diameter) 40 cm
  • Weight 11 kg.

Hot Ball is a solar collector used to warm up the pool water; thanks to its innovative design, an increased attraction of sun rays is ensured. This collector allows the heating of both sanitary water and outdoor showers, which amortizes the energy bill through the exploitation of the solar energy.

Hot Ball is equipped whit internal electrical resistence, it can also work in the night.

Its innovative design and geometry makes it perfect to every setting. It is realised in HD polyethylene and is available in different colours.

Hot Ball can be installed directly on the ground or on the roof. It must be connected to the cold-water system.

 Technical Dada Sheet solar hybrid collector Hot Ball


Delivery: 15 working days


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