Pack 5- package of products for pools up to 30 m3.

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Pack 5 kg constists of rapid chlorine, slow-dissolving chlorine, granular pH reducer, not foaming liquid algicide. 

Average consumption per season in pools up to 30 m3 of water.

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The "Pack 5" offer contains:

5 kg Rapid Chlorine. Chlorine stabilized with isocyanate, rapid dilution for shock treatments, in tablets of 20 g. The package consists of tablets of 20 g. (250 tablets in total), perfect for treatments at the opening/closure of the season, as well as for shock treatment during the season if needed.

5 Kg Trichloro 90/200. Chlorine sabilized with isocyanate, slow dilution, in tablets of 200 g. The package consists of tablets of 200 g. (25 tablets in total) which are packed individually in order to preserve the characteristics of the product.

10 kg Granular pH reducer. The package consists of 10 kg. of pH reducer made up of hydrogen sulphate (sulfuric acid). Compatible with oxygen treaments in addition to chlorine.

5 kg. Not foaming Algicide. The package consists of 5 l of not foaming algicide (quaternary ammonium salts). Perfect to use in your pool water as well as in spa tubs  (does not foam). It prevents the formation of algae and fungi while ensuring the bactericidal coverage.

Average consumption per season for pools up to 30 m3 of water.


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