Equipment Room Rotax Pool's - 10 mc/h

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Equipment Room Rotax Pool's - 10 mc/h
  • Equipment Room Rotax Pool's - 10 mc/h
  • Equipment Room Rotax Pool's - 10 mc/h
  • Equipment Room Rotax Pool's - 10 mc/h

Equipment room in polyethylene with filter in fiberglass. Innovative and ergonomic design. Fitted with a reinforced floor cover.

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The equipment room Rotax by Pool's has a polyethylene reinforced structure, a highly resistant and insulating material. His innovative and ergonomic shape allows to put all necessary equipments in a small place. Furthermore, it is fitted with a dedicated space for the switchboard that can be controlled through a push-button panel placed in an easy-to-reach position. The cover, which is also a usable floor area, is reinforced through hinges and a pneumatic small piston.

It contains:

  • Sand filter in fiberglass Pool's diameter 500 millimeter
  • Pump: nominal power 0.33 KW / 0.5 HP monophase
  • Selector valve
  • Collectors: skimmer 1XØ 1½”; bottom suction socket  1XØ 1½”; outlet nozzle 1XØ 1½”; water main Ø 1½”
  • Heating bypass diameter Ø 50
  • Glue-assembled ball valve
  • Joints and pipes in PVC

Assembled and tested. Sand excluded.


  • 1757 mm X 1554 mm
  • Height 1050 mm cover excluded


The equipment room shall be placed at a distance of 5 meters from the tub. The dig shall be realized around 20 cm larger than the size of the sump. It shall be installed on a base of reinforced concrete with welded mesh Ø 6/20X20. 3 jutting rods for the connection of the tie-rods shall be left in order to prevent possible movements due to floating in case of heavy rain. In order to bury the sump again, use solely and exclusively the gravel for the pipe protection.

The sump is delivered with complete user manual.

Delivery time : 15 working days


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