Robot Dolphin 2x2 Pro Gyro for public pools

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Robot Dolphin 2x2 Pro Gyro for public pools
  • Robot Dolphin 2x2 Pro Gyro for public pools

Robot Dolphin for public pools of large dimensions up to 33 m length.

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Robot Dolphin 2X2 PRO GYRO by Maytronicsfor public pools of large dimensions up to 33 m length.

  • Cycle time: 4, 6 or 8 hours with automatic turning off at the end of the cycle
  • Remote control for both automatic and manual activation and selection of the program for floor and water line cleaning
  • Cable length: 40 m for pools up to pools of 33 m length
  • Junction "Swivel" against tangling
  • Weight 20 kg.
  • Brushes for PVC or, upon request, Kanebo for ceramic
  • Pool scanning with gyro to ensure the complete cleaning of the floor
  • Active brushing which ensures the highest hygiene and removes seaweeds, bacteria at the same time improving the quality of water
  • Mechanism of motor protection in case of overloading or in case it goes out from water
  • Suction rate 32 m3/h
  • Double filter for gross and fine filtration
  • Double motor
  • Movement speed 15 m/minute
  • Cleaning surface 450 sqm/h
  • Transformer IP54 , 100-250V  with warning of full filter and delayed activation
  • Carriage included
  • Guarantee 2 years

Useful hints by Maytronics on the use and maintenance of Dolphin cleaners  

  • Connect the cable to the power source, and make sure that the power supply is at least 3 m far from the pool border. During its use, the power supply shall be positioned in the shade. Attention: never use an extension cable.
  • If the Dolphin cleaner is equipped with combined brushes or kanebo/wonder, push gently the brushes into the water until they are completely saturated.
  • Release the minimum length of cable necessary to ensure the reach of every corner of the pool. Leave the exceeding cable rolled up outside the pool.
  • After every cleaning cycle, remove the Dolphin cleaner from the water to avoid an accelerated wear of its components in plastic.
  • After every cleaning cycle, wash both filter sack and cartridges. If the sack is obstructed, then the efficacy of both scanning and cleaning is compromised. Wash the sack filter into the washing machine every two months using a standard cycle for synthetic materials.
  • If the cleaner is equipped with brushes kanebo/wonder, wash them under running water.
  • For a better performance, the level of temperature, pH and chlorine of water shall be compatible with the following ones:

          Temperature from 10° to 34° C

          PH from 7.0 to 7.8

          Chlorine max  4 ppm / NaCl 5000 ppm.

  • Remove the cable every week, extend the tangled parts of the cable, put it outside and leave it under the sun for some hours.
  • Put the robot in the shade on its caddy carriage. If not equipped with the carriage, put it upside down.

scaricareUser manual

spedizioneFree and insured delivery throughout Italy including the islands: Sardegna and Sicily 


Data sheet

Cycle duration
4/6/8 h
Cable lenght
40 m
20 kg
Intake power
32 m3/h
Filtration power
5 micron
Motion speed
15 m/min
Cleaning surface
450 m2/h
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Struttura Interna
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