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Pool heating

In order to heat your pool, four systems are basically available:

  • Heat pump
  • Plate heat exchanger or tube heat exchanger
  • Electrical heaters
  • Solar panel

Heating pump

The Heating Pump is increasingly used. In fact, it is a valid system to heat your pool, little hulking, completely programmable and very effective.
Our heat pumps produce four times more energy compared to the energy used. This means that for every kw of energy used, the pump produces back a minimum of 4 kw. Available with ABS shell or in stainless steel 304L.
One of the features is the low noise. In fact, these pumps are equipped with a rotating compressor and an acoustic low power ventilation engine which ensures a silent functioning.



Heating pump

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Plate heat exchanger or tube heat exchanger

The Heat exchanger is an effective heating system when a certain quantity of warm water is already available. For example a sanitary storage.
It may be equipped with an non-return valve, electric unit already cabled with thermostat or, like the nude model, being without it.


Plate heat exchanger or tube heat exchanger

Heat exchanger>

Electric heaters

This is, with no doubt, the most expensive system in terms of energy consumption. In fact, consumption ranges from 3 to 12 kw of power installed.
The advantage with this system is represented by the reduced dimensions. This heater, in fact, has to be placed directly on the return of water in the tub, thereby minimizing the space required.

Solar panel

The Solar panel remains the cheapest system to warm up pool water. It consists of a black “mat” in polyethylene within which pool water runs. It is available in pieces of 1.2x6.5m and can be adjusted according to the dimensions of the pool. It shall be placed in full sun as much as possible in order to receive solar rays perpendicularly.

Important note: Every heating system to perform at best needs to be combined with a summer covering cloth.
Otherwise, all energy used to warm up water will be lost. This cloth has to be placed on the water surface every time the pool is not used, or at least all night long.


Pool's covering cloth

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